Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Anonymous" Commenters on Computers Registered to the Louisiana Baptist Convention and Kelly Boggs

In the below post, so far, there are three comments. The first two comments came from a computer registered to the Louisiana Baptist Convention. This is confirmed by StatCounter.

Figure 1 below shows that the computer registered to the Louisiana Baptist Convention the time of visit as well as the out click on the comments link match to the comments time stamp.

Figure 2 below is from the StatCounter log and is of the computer that Baptist Message Editor, Kelly Boggs uses. The time and comments out click correspond to the third comments time stamp.

Additionally, according to StatCounter, there were no other visitors to or on this blog within the time(s) these comments were posted.

This little exercise should serve to show people how these modern "Baptists" operate.

The Louisiana Baptist Convention, The Louisiana Baptist Message and its Editor, Kelly Boggs as well as the Law Office of Gregory S. Erwin, L.L.C. and possibly Google just might find themselves on the receiving end of a federal Complaint for filing false, malicious and abusive DMCA Take Down Notices as well as for harassment

If you're an attorney who would like to handle such a complaint then please contact us at

You may view the Take Down Notices here here and here.


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